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Jamie Foster

Founder & Health and Wellness/Fitness Coach

Born and raised in WV, Coach Jamie has always loved being outdoors and exploring.  Hiking, camping, fishing and hunting were a major part of his childhood that helped shape his love for nature and all its beauty.  Jamie served in the United States Air Force as a Tactical Air Control Party (TACP), where Physical Training was an essential part of his service.  

Jamie has continued on his path of Health and Wellness in Men's Programs such as Man on Fire where he followed Primal Nutrition by Dr Mark Sisson.  This inspired him to become a Holobody Certified Coach through Mindvalley.  This Holistic approach to body transformation goes deep on nutrition, habits & all aspects of mind, body & soul to deliver results that are easily obtained. 


In addition to being a Holobody Certified Coach through Mindvalley, Jamie has become a 10x Fitness Certified Coach through Mindvalley.  This program is all about efficiency and getting results in less time.  Using science-based fitness theory, the program aims to deliver results for those of us with a jam packed schedule. Sound like anyone you know?

Coach Jamie lives in Springfield, Pennsylvania and in his spare time he enjoys Philadelphia Sports, WVU sports and traveling.  A foodie at heart, he is always looking for innovative and fun ways to prepare whole foods.  Other interests include sleep science, meditation, reading and documentaries.

Book some time today to see how Jamie can assist you in your health and wellness journey!

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